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If it doesn't grow from the ground,
it doesn't belong in your cup.


Healthy and Tasty

Just because something is healthy for you doesn't mean that it doesn't need to taste good. Our philosophy, like our motto says, is to bring together only the best and most natural ingredients that work in harmony with one another to bring out the best flavors and health benefits.



About Our Founders

Suro Cha®  was started by tea lovers who just wanted a good, honest cup of tea. While that sounds simple enough, it is unfortunately more difficult than it should be to find tea, tisanes and blends without artificial flavoring, perfume, fillers, additives or other things that don't really belong. We work very closely with farmers and vendors to ensure only the most natural and highest quality ingredients make it to your cup.

About Our Name

The name Suro Cha® was inspired by the history of tea in Korea. 

Suro is taken from the name of King Kim, Suro (see history below)

Cha means “tea” in Korean, as well as many other languages.

A Little History

First recorded history of tea in Korea: King Kim, Suro of the Gaya Confederacy (southern part of current day South Korea) married princess of Ayuta (current day Ayodhya, India), Heo, Hwangok, in 48 A.D. Tea seeds were among the many wedding gifts she brought for him. It was discovered that when the tea seeds were planted in the mountains of Gimhae city, indigenous tea plants were already growing wildly in the region.



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